Future Goals of Mine


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As a Web Developer, my goal is to become an expert in developing well-designed websites with rich functionality. Web Developers construct static websites made of pure HTML/CSS and JavaScript, as well as dynamic web apps like Twitter, Facebook and Google Docs and also with Different CMS like WordPress, Drupal etc. As a Developer I want to be responsible for the design and development of user facing code. Optimize web applications to maximize speed and scalability. Also Create fast, easy-to-use applications, and develop prototypes quickly. Build amazing, immersive user experiences. During my study at NSCC, I have done many projects which simulated real-world problems and this will hopefully help me with the challenges of my future jobs.


Programming languages:

C, C++, C#, Java, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, DOM

Designing Tools:

DreamWeaver, Flash, PhotoShop, ColdFusion, Fireworks


Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, SQLServer 2012

Operating Systems:

Windows 10/ Windows 8.1/Windows 7/Vista/Server 2008, UNIX


I like to do programming a lot specially solving mathematical and analytical problems. But, after getting into IT program, I got introduced to web development which seemed fascinating and now became my favorite topic for study. Now I am working with different kinds of website development and designing to gain top level expertise in this field.

During my study at the this program I learned about HTML5, CSS design, Javascript and Ruby on Rails, ASP.MET, C#, Android, AngularJS, NodeJS and other web development related topics.

In my summer job I worked in Atlantic Central, IT department as IT Programmer and Support. During my job time, I designed and develope their mortgage website with WordPress in which I designed the concept, migration of website to new platform, commercial launching (www.lsm.ca). I also worked with SharePoint site for internal use for the Department and also ported some old website contents to SharePoint. I also worked for migration of complex financial reporting queries to MS SQL from Access.

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